Published by Timothy Miller

Startups are HARD (video)

Every week my brother and I record vlogs directed to each other, but generally interesting or useful for other people as well. We call ourselves the Doubtful Solution Brothers. These videos often have nothing to do with this blog, but when they do I’ll post them here. Below is a little expansion on what I say in the video.

Startups are hard. Startups are hard. Startups are hard.

In the video above I talk a lot about Andrew’s game efforts, here I’m going to write a little more about selling in general.

First of all,

People are very attached to their money. Funny thing is that people seem completely illogical about their attachment to money; to one person a car is the most valuable thing they own, to another person it’s a pet. Some people buy improvements for their image, or their appearance, and other people think that’s ridiculous and wear nothing that costs them more than a hamburger. We apply value to things based on our worldview, and we are only willing to pay for things which we assume to be valuable.

Keeping up appearances, eating well, staying healthy, feeling cool, all of these are reasons people buy things. On the internet people tend to think all you need to do is sell people your personality to be successful. That might work for some people, but most people don’t particularly care about who’s behind the curtain. They care about what your product gives them, and that’s what they’re willing to buy.

So if you want to sell something, give people a reason to buy it. They need to know why your product will benefit their lives, and you need to tell them why. A designer’s job is to make complex things simple to understand, so once you find the right sell it should be a piece of cake. Just remember: give them something to value.

And say no to everything else.